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The main stages of admission essay

About how the importance of a well-written essay can be judged by the words of one of the members of the admissions committee of Harvard Business School:
I personally remember such cases when all the information of the candidate was rather mediocre and was clearly not in his favor. However, the essay was composed with such brilliance that we invited the author to an interview.
The correct rules of writing essay is set by the business school is revealed. Its average volume is 500 words. Of these, 50 words are recommended for inclusion, 200 for the main idea, 200 more for examples supporting the main idea, and 50 for the conclusion. The text is written in English.
The main task of the essay is to present the candidate as a person, describe the merits that enable him to count on a place in the school. The problem is that the admission officers of the essay receive a stream of 5000 works or more, so your first priority should be allocated from the general mass.
Essays are evaluated in several ways: content, style, ability to organize and present their thoughts. The key factors in creating a brilliant essay are a serious, informal approach to the task, a sufficient amount of time, and, of course, a high level of English proficiency.

Before you start writing an essay, analyze the information you have and sketch a small plan of attack. Re-read the brochures, visit the school’s website, understand its features. What do the representatives of the admissions committee expect from your essay?
Then decide what aspects of your experience you should mention, which aspects of the character – to highlight.
The material for the essay can serve any moment of your life, the most unexpected situation. The best way is to fill in some kind of diary, trying to remember all the interesting events for some period of your life. It is impossible to do this in one sitting, so carry a notebook with you and write down everything that comes to your mind.

First draft
Most people begin to write with a presentation of the main content. Usually ideas arise separately, independently of each other, then gather in a single whole, and only after that entry and conclusion are written. This kind of work seems preferable.
Do not be too demanding of yourself, working on a draft. After sketching the first draft, they begin to edit. A break of at least a few days will allow you to evaluate the work as if from outside, more balanced.
First of all, analyze the content of the essay: have you answered the questions posed before you, have all aspects been considered. Only then go to the test of style and literacy. Otherwise, you will spend time and energy on correcting the material, which then, you may have to delete at all.
Evaluate the composition of the structure. To make sure that your draft is built in a logical way, make a summary of it. In Western practice, very attentive to the correspondence to specified parameters. If the word limit set by the school is exceeded, try to summarize the material more compactly.

Second draft
After you have edited the first draft, make sure that its contents are optimal, pay attention to the essay components – paragraphs, sentences and words. Each paragraph should contain only one basic idea. The easiest way is to start a paragraph with a key sentence expressing the essence of the statement, and then, with the help of further suggestions, proceed to explanations and illustrations. Another simple way to combine paragraphs is to build your narrative so that the beginning of the next paragraph is a logical extension of the previous one. Check each sentence to avoid verbosity. For example, use although instead of despite the fact that. Add energy and expression by removing all stamps. Use interesting and non-trivial descriptions, give priority to verbs, not adjectives. In general, the style of presentation should be positive, affirmative, but not arrogant. Avoid whining (I’ll give everything if only I’m accepted) and complaints (I never managed these stupid tests, and why they are only needed).

Third draft
Three checks are the minimum required. The best way to calculate all the errors is to postpone the essay for a while, and then slowly read it aloud. Errors can be made in the places of the latest corrections or additions. When the paragraphs merge, the connecting phrase may disappear. It is useful to give an essay to another person. Additional checks will only grind your work. Let your essay read a few people or service essay writing, whose opinion is important to you. It is easier for them to assess the final result, to determine if you succeeded in submitting yourself, to keep the vividness of the presentation after numerous revisions. Take all the notes into consideration, but do not forget that this is yours and only your essay.

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