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Spreadsheets in diploma

If your diploma based on some experiments, research you should have a spreadsheet, chart, diagram. And if you just put them in any place at your diploma 100% this is a mistake. If not you just a lucky person. Now I want to write a little bit how to organize them.

General rules for the design of spreadsheet in the diploma The table is located immediately after the paragraph, where there is a link to it. The binding to the text is mandatory. You can not put the table in a few paragraphs, motivating it by saying that it will look better on the next sheet. The only exception is making tables in the Appendix.

The chart can be torn, but not desirable. It is better to leave a blank space after the paragraph with reference to the table and place it on the next sheet. But in this case, of course, do not leave large empty spaces.

Sometimes I have to break the chart. If the spreadsheet is very long or wide, and the rows or columns of your spreadsheet go beyond the sheet level, then it can be divided into parts. If there are many graphs, then the parts of the table are placed on one sheet under each other. If there are many columns, the table continues on the next sheet. In the first case, the head is repeated in the new parts, in the second – the outset of the table.

All of them in the thesis work are numbered, only Arabic numerals are used.

The name of the table should be placed immediately above it. The point after the table number is not set. After the number goes dashes, then – the name of the table.

The table should always have a name. Requirements for the title: it should be short, concise, but clearly reflect the meaning of the table, the essence of the information given in it. It is recommended to use in the title of table 2 – 5 words, avoiding cumbersome formulations.

Font, size in the table name is the same as in the main text (in cells you can use a smaller font size). You should not highlight the names of the tables in any way, using color, underscores, etc. However, in practice, boldface is sometimes used (specify this in the manual or the supervisor).

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