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Admission essay writing tips (with examples)

The good written essay is your ticket to study in the best university you want. Its primary goal is to sell yourself, to convince the business school that you are the person who is worthy to study in it and with which the school will have “fit”. I will not try to embrace the immensity, but simply describe the approach that our service has developed.


The first step is to understand the qualities that the school is looking for in the enrollees. Besides, of course, the topics / questions of the essay and various literature, I used two sources.

  • The site of the school to get a general idea, since usually the language there is rather foggy.
    • Forms for recommendations that can be downloaded from the schools’ websites (the recommendations themselves are filled online and there is no access for students, but there is usually an empty pdf form there just in case). In them, the school asks to evaluate the applicant on a number of criteria. Most schools are looking for the same thing – leadership, analytical skills, capacity for learning, integrity, initiative, etc. etc., but there are also differences.
    The second step is to understand what misperceptions the school might have regarding you. This is especially true for consultants, investment bankers and representatives of other professions, which are often labeled.
    The third step is the most interesting. It is necessary to carry out a full inventory of your life, to scroll it before your eyes, to understand what episodes from it can most clearly emphasize the necessary qualities and are simply interesting and unusual, will allow you to stand out from the crowd.
    The fourth step is to find your answers to the main questions: “Why MBA?” and “Why this school?”. To any extent, they will be asked by any school. And we must understand that schools can look for people with different goals. If you write that you want to start a high-tech start-up in Silicon Valley, then it’s closer to Stanford, and if you want to become a CEO, it’s probably closer to Harvard. However, usually the answers to these questions by the time the writing of the essay is already known. Well, after that, roughly plan what to write in each essay, and write, edit, show to friends, edit, edit …


The “catchy” beginning
One of the most useful tips I’ve used is to make the first sentence or paragraph of the essay interesting, “catchy”. So that a person immediately interested. Sometimes for this you need to come up with an interesting “frame” for the main part. It’s amazing how much the essay looks better after that, well, the admission committee can immediately tick the “creativity” box. You do not have to do this in every essay, but you always have to try.

Language of the essay
Another interesting question is how ideal English should be in the essay. Of course, we are not talking about gross spelling mistakes, but simply about the of some phrases for the ear of native speakers. I heard two opinions. First, since admissions know that an essay was written by a foreigner, too pure English can arouse the suspicion that the essays are not written independently. Second – that if the language is not perfect, admissions might think “what a strange person – he knows that he competes with the best of the best and is too lazy to give proofreading.” The easiest and cheapest way is to show an essay to a native speaker. If there is no such person, you can use paid services on the Internet – send an essay to the service essay writer, pay a card and get the edited version within 24-48 hours. Usually two packages of essays in HBS and Wharton cost around two hundred dollars. HBS did an excellent job – with a minimal change, they corrected the grammar. But I did not recognize my essays in Wharton after their “proofreading”. Therefore, you should always recheck it again to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

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Book Review

Review (from the Latin recensio “consideration”) – recall, analysis and evaluation of a new artistic, scientific or popular scientific work; genre of criticism, literary, newspaper. The review is characterized by a small volume and brevity.

The reviewer deals primarily with novelties, about which practically no one has written, about which a certain opinion has not yet taken shape.

In the classics, the reviewer discovers, first of all, the possibility of its actual, cutting-edge reading. Any work should be considered in the context of modern life and the modern literary process: to evaluate it precisely as a new phenomenon. This topicality is an indispensable sign of the review.

Under essays-reviews we understand such creative works:

A small literary-critical or journalistic article (often polemical in nature) in which the work in question is an occasion to discuss topical public or literary problems;

Essay that is largely a lyrical reflection of the author of the review, inspired by the reading of the work, rather than its interpretation;

Critical analysis or complex analysis of the text: the meaning of the title, analysis of its form and content, features of the composition, the skill of the author in depicting heroes, the individual style of the writer

Evaluation and personal reflections of the author of the review:

– the main idea of the review

– the relevance of the subject matter of the work

In the review isn’t necessarily the presence of all of the above components, most importantly, that the review was interesting and competent.

The impetus to creating a review is always the need to express one’s attitude to what has been read, an attempt to understand your impressions caused by the work.

The reader can say about the book read or the viewed movie “like – do not like” without proof.

Good books require good reviews. Bad books require an objective assessment. And this is just a couple of ideas for earning. If you decide to specialize in writing reviews, then study the possibilities of special resources that pay for such work. In addition, you will need the ability to highlight the main thing, analyze what you read and lucidly state your arguments. In order to earn feedback, you need to find customers for such texts.

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Spreadsheets in diploma

If your diploma based on some experiments, research you should have a spreadsheet, chart, diagram. And if you just put them in any place at your diploma 100% this is a mistake. If not you just a lucky person. Now I want to write a little bit how to organize them.

General rules for the design of spreadsheet in the diploma The table is located immediately after the paragraph, where there is a link to it. The binding to the text is mandatory. You can not put the table in a few paragraphs, motivating it by saying that it will look better on the next sheet. The only exception is making tables in the Appendix.

The chart can be torn, but not desirable. It is better to leave a blank space after the paragraph with reference to the table and place it on the next sheet. But in this case, of course, do not leave large empty spaces.

Sometimes I have to break the chart. If the spreadsheet is very long or wide, and the rows or columns of your spreadsheet go beyond the sheet level, then it can be divided into parts. If there are many graphs, then the parts of the table are placed on one sheet under each other. If there are many columns, the table continues on the next sheet. In the first case, the head is repeated in the new parts, in the second – the outset of the table.

All of them in the thesis work are numbered, only Arabic numerals are used.

The name of the table should be placed immediately above it. The point after the table number is not set. After the number goes dashes, then – the name of the table.

The table should always have a name. Requirements for the title: it should be short, concise, but clearly reflect the meaning of the table, the essence of the information given in it. It is recommended to use in the title of table 2 – 5 words, avoiding cumbersome formulations.

Font, size in the table name is the same as in the main text (in cells you can use a smaller font size). You should not highlight the names of the tables in any way, using color, underscores, etc. However, in practice, boldface is sometimes used (specify this in the manual or the supervisor).

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The main stages of admission essay

About how the importance of a well-written essay can be judged by the words of one of the members of the admissions committee of Harvard Business School:
I personally remember such cases when all the information of the candidate was rather mediocre and was clearly not in his favor. However, the essay was composed with such brilliance that we invited the author to an interview.
The correct rules of writing essay is set by the business school is revealed. Its average volume is 500 words. Of these, 50 words are recommended for inclusion, 200 for the main idea, 200 more for examples supporting the main idea, and 50 for the conclusion. The text is written in English.
The main task of the essay is to present the candidate as a person, describe the merits that enable him to count on a place in the school. The problem is that the admission officers of the essay receive a stream of 5000 works or more, so your first priority should be allocated from the general mass.
Essays are evaluated in several ways: content, style, ability to organize and present their thoughts. The key factors in creating a brilliant essay are a serious, informal approach to the task, a sufficient amount of time, and, of course, a high level of English proficiency.

Before you start writing an essay, analyze the information you have and sketch a small plan of attack. Re-read the brochures, visit the school’s website, understand its features. What do the representatives of the admissions committee expect from your essay?
Then decide what aspects of your experience you should mention, which aspects of the character – to highlight.
The material for the essay can serve any moment of your life, the most unexpected situation. The best way is to fill in some kind of diary, trying to remember all the interesting events for some period of your life. It is impossible to do this in one sitting, so carry a notebook with you and write down everything that comes to your mind.

First draft
Most people begin to write with a presentation of the main content. Usually ideas arise separately, independently of each other, then gather in a single whole, and only after that entry and conclusion are written. This kind of work seems preferable.
Do not be too demanding of yourself, working on a draft. After sketching the first draft, they begin to edit. A break of at least a few days will allow you to evaluate the work as if from outside, more balanced.
First of all, analyze the content of the essay: have you answered the questions posed before you, have all aspects been considered. Only then go to the test of style and literacy. Otherwise, you will spend time and energy on correcting the material, which then, you may have to delete at all.
Evaluate the composition of the structure. To make sure that your draft is built in a logical way, make a summary of it. In Western practice, very attentive to the correspondence to specified parameters. If the word limit set by the school is exceeded, try to summarize the material more compactly.

Second draft
After you have edited the first draft, make sure that its contents are optimal, pay attention to the essay components – paragraphs, sentences and words. Each paragraph should contain only one basic idea. The easiest way is to start a paragraph with a key sentence expressing the essence of the statement, and then, with the help of further suggestions, proceed to explanations and illustrations. Another simple way to combine paragraphs is to build your narrative so that the beginning of the next paragraph is a logical extension of the previous one. Check each sentence to avoid verbosity. For example, use although instead of despite the fact that. Add energy and expression by removing all stamps. Use interesting and non-trivial descriptions, give priority to verbs, not adjectives. In general, the style of presentation should be positive, affirmative, but not arrogant. Avoid whining (I’ll give everything if only I’m accepted) and complaints (I never managed these stupid tests, and why they are only needed).

Third draft
Three checks are the minimum required. The best way to calculate all the errors is to postpone the essay for a while, and then slowly read it aloud. Errors can be made in the places of the latest corrections or additions. When the paragraphs merge, the connecting phrase may disappear. It is useful to give an essay to another person. Additional checks will only grind your work. Let your essay read a few people or service essay writing, whose opinion is important to you. It is easier for them to assess the final result, to determine if you succeeded in submitting yourself, to keep the vividness of the presentation after numerous revisions. Take all the notes into consideration, but do not forget that this is yours and only your essay.

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Assignment writing services

It happens frequently if the time you’re ready to spend writing your assignment and the grade you want to get are far from each other. Or, maybe you’re so not sure, that think it’s better not to try at all. There must be someone to do this task instead of you. If there’s a way for those who try and strive there must be one for those, who prefer to keep their energy inside for this time. This mystic second way leads to specialized writing services.

This type of online helpers appeared to economize some students’ time, energy and nerves, though you’ll have to spend some money. The prices can be rather low, especially comparing to the amount of money, paid to the tutors. Cooperation with experienced paper writers can be helpful as well. While practicing regularly you get the opinion of one certain person you get used to. But this internet based companies have many people inside to have the wider view, but to help you by once only. You can use their services again if you liked the results, but it’s not regular learning which forms you step by step. But this is experience you try to benefit from.

Assignments can become real “transformers” in the meaning they can look very different and be whatever you want. Only if you want them to be. But it doesn’t mean they can be written somehow. Following the structure and considering the technical details will make it’s task. This task requires enough time and some experience you should have collected while studying. If you feel that this didn’t happened – don’t be daunted, student. Learning doesn’t stop after passing this concrete moment, trying still will make sense. For now you do what is comfortable and it’s all that have to matter. Writing services know this type, like they’ve created it, so will gladly take this chance and help you!

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